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Tuesday, October 25, 2016 at 12:00 AM | Tembe Denton-Hurst
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It’s really easy to slip into the no fail Halloween costume (ie: the cat, the bunny, or insert sport participant here). The costume is usually made up of stuff you found around the house or an all black outfit with a pair of ears on your head. This year, I’m challenging you to upgrade your halloween look with some simple alternatives.


P H O T O: Pinterest

Instead of: A Cat

Be A: Cheshire Cat

The cat is so played out, but fortunately the cheshire cat  is not. You’re less likely to find a bunch of people with your costume on so here’s the opportunity to go all out. It can be modest or sexy so there’s really no limits with this one. And good news, you can still wear all black.

P H O T O: by Tashie Tinks via Youtube


Instead of: An Angel

Be A: Fallen Angel

While everyone else is running around with their powder white wings, pop out with black wings and dark eyes.


P H O T O: instagram / @jordzcrazymakeup

Instead of: Sexy Nurse, Cop, etc.

Be: A Dead one

Everything else is better when it’s zombified. Because obviously.

P H O T O: Halloween Costumes


Instead of: A Native American

Be: A Colonial American

Because instead of appropriating an entire culture of people why not dress up as the Americans of yesteryear? I’m sure you can find a way to make this one sexy.

P H O T O: Pinterest

Instead of: A Clown

Be: Anything Else


This year is not the year to pull out the super scary clown costume and go around making little kids and adults uncomfortable. With everything that’s been happening in the past few weeks, some clubs are banning the costumes and we for one, totally agree.
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