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Burger and Beer Joint

900 S. Miami Ave Ste.130, Miami 33130 | 305-523-2244


One of B&B's many goals at B&B was to fill a much needed niche within the Miami area. It is safe to say that they have filled it as South Beach’s local burger and beer bar that everyone’s talking about. A combination including their energetic employee team ready to serve mouth watering dishes, mixed with a full blown soda fountain serving up egg creams, shakes and adult beverages, sprinkled with their 10lb MAMMOTH burger creates the tri-fecta of B&B. You can’t get enough of this place. Both B&B locations capture the unique décor, featuring 120-year-old Chicago brick walls, wooden booths, copper ceilings and outdoor patios.


Burger and Beer Joint is known for its rock and roll vibe and is a destination favorite to both locals and tourists. Patrons experience B&B’s popular happy hour crowd as well as the late night fun; or just a place to go and enjoy a burger for lunch or dinner in a sports-themed environment.

Food & Drink

The signature burgers offer unique sauces and toppings that make B&B Joint a special dining experience. Some highlights on the menu include the ten-pound Mother Burger, the fried Twinkie with ice cream, fried zucchini sticks and adult milkshakes. We also offer light fare options including seafood, chicken and salads.

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