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Our Top 10 Favorite St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirt Slogans
Monday, March 13, 2017 at 12:00 AM | Alexandra Appino-Tabone
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If you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, you’ll probably throw on something green and hit the bar(s) scene. But you know the SPD OG’s will be on their T-shirt game with punny slogans. We’ve compiled our top ten favorite T-shirt phrases of the season. Which statement will you be parading at the pubs this year?


The Best St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirt Slogans

10. “The Leprechauns Made Me Do It”

If you’re wearing this shirt, you’re probably quick to point fingers. But on St. Patrick’s Day, there’s a good chance that it really was the leprechauns. Where did those troublemakers go?

Via The T-Shirt Co

9. Couples’ Shirts: “She’s/He’s My Drunker Half”

Hitting the bar with bae this St. Patrick’s Day? Team up with clever couples’ shirts! This version is cute and practical, as patrons will have no problem helping you find each other if you get too smashed.

Via Etsy

8. “Kiss Me I’m Irish…ish”


Well it’s not…not true. A spin on the classic “Kiss Me I’m Irish” tee, this one gives the nationally ambiguous a slogan of their own. After all, we're all a little bit Irish at heart.

Via Crazy Dog Shirts


7.  “Cash Me At The Pub Howbow Dah?”

This T-shirt is for the person in tune with the zeitgeist. If you’re well-versed in every hashtag and meme trending on twitter, you just can’t pass up this viral find. It’s sure to be a real conversation starter!

Via Customized Girl

6.  “Wish You Were Beer”

This one’s for all you punny people. And to be honest, which of us hasn’t wished we could just trade in a friend for a cold one at some point? If you’re shaking your head, you’re lying. Your friend’s standing right next to you, aren’t they?

Via CafePress


5.  “Irish Today Hungover Tomorrow”

At some point we all have to live with the consequences of having too much fun. And the chances of those consequences presenting themselves the day after St. Patrick's Day are perhaps higher than usual. Drink responsibly and stock up on hangover cure knowledge today to (try to) minimize the hurt.

Via Amazon

4 “BeEr”

This is for you science buffs out there. Also known as the “Elements of Liquid Pleasure,” this shirt cleverly combines the periodic elements beryllium and erbium to create one satisfying blend. At least on paper t-shirt.

Via Crazy Dog T-Shirts


3. “I Put the ‘She’ in Shenanigans”


For all you strong women out there, here’s an unapologetic tee that shows you’re not afraid to cause some trouble. Wear it proudly on this holiday that's built to commemorate Ireland and merry mischief.

Via Etsy

2. “Take a Pitcher. It’ll Last Longer”

One of our favorite T-shirt puns, this boozy statement is for the person who doesn’t pretend. They know who they are, and they’re not afraid to show it. Plus, everyone knows the pitcher is the "value size." 

Via Etsy


1. “Namastay at the Pub and Drink”


The perfect SPD tee for yogis! If you pay attention, you will probably hear yourself utter this exact phrase after a few hours of pub-hopping. This person has their priorities figured out, especially on St. Patrick's Day.

Via Etsy

Nowhere to show off your St. Patrick's Day T-shirt? Not to worry! has plenty of options for you to parade your clever all across town.

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